Grant Application

The Clay Township Board provides grants for various non-profit organizations who meet certain criteria. Please click on the link below and read the instructions before completing the grant application form.

1. Applicant Eligibility Requirements. Not-for-profit 501(c)3 organizations as defined under IC 23-7-1.1. Non-profit organizations must include documentation of their not-for-profit status.

2. Eligible Projects. An applicant may propose any project or combination of projects that help the citizens of Clay Township, Hamilton County, Indiana and facilitate the Trustee and the Township Board in meeting its’ statutory responsibility.

3. Ineligible Project Activities/Costs.

a. Administration, overhead, operation and maintenance costs, which are not directly related to and caused by the grant, project.

b. Costs associated with preparing your grant application.

c. Salaries for the current staff cannot be paid out of grant money in excess of 50% of ones salary.

4. Grant Amounts. The minimum grant amount for application is $2,000 and the maximum grant amount of an individual applicant cannot exceed $30,000.

5. Grants Awarded. The applicant must submit a detailed budget listing project costs and the source of its contribution for the project. Failure to fill out the budget may disqualify your application.

6. Evaluation of Applications and Awarding Grants. Grant applications will be evaluated by the Clay Township Board. In addition each application will be included in the Township budget cycle and will be available for public comment. In some cases grant requests may be reduced or turned down. Applicants will be notified in October as to the status of their application.

7. Grant Period. The official starting date of the project will be January first of the calendar year applied for and will end December 31st of that year. The project must be completed by January 31st of the following project year. Expenses incurred prior to the grant or after the deadline for completion, are not eligible for inclusion in the grant project.

8. Anyone requesting a grant must present to the Township Board on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, at 6:00pm.